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Looking for a Fun and Entertaining Presentation About Bees and the Honey they Make?


Howland Blackiston is the author of the #1 best-selling book "Beekeeping for Dummies". And he simply loves his bees. His passion for these remarkable creatures is contagious.  Howland also knows a thing or two about the delicious honey that bees produce.  His latest book, "Honey for Dummies" (co-written with C. Marina Marchese) is filled with amazing facts about honey, its history, how it's made, how to pair it with foods, as well as instructions for learning the skills to taste and evaluate honey like a professional honey-sommelier. 


Howland’s presentation style is fun, humorous, engaging and full of “betcha didn’t know” facts about honey bees, beekeeping and honey. He consistently gets rave reviews everywhere he speaks (see "SPEAKER REVIEWS").  Howland is a fascinating speaker on these  timely topics your audience will love. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen our members enjoy a speaker as much as they did Howland’s entertaining talk about bees and beekeeping.  His charming wit and engaging manner had everyone in the audience captivated.  And we’ve never had a speaker that has generated so much dialogue following a presentation.  Our members are still talking about the presentation.  Howland is now our benchmark for what a truly terrific speaker should be!  -- Andrea Swanson, Program Chair, Lakewood Nature Center

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