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Suggested Presentations: For Adults and Young Adult Audiences


“The Vanishing Honey Bee”

Presentation by Howland Blackiston (45-60 minutes)
Author, “Beekeeping for Dummies”, "Honey for Dummies", and “Building Beehives for Dummies”

The sweet reward of fresh honey is by no means the only reason folks are attracted to beekeeping. For a long time, agriculture has recognized the value of pollination by bees. In fact, without the bees’ help, 1/3 of everything we eat would suffer dire consequences. Honey Bees are remarkable and critically important creatures.


But in the last several years, millions of colonies of Honey Bees have been wiped out by something called “Colony Collapse Disorder.   It has made headlines in newspapers and been featured on national TV.  Honey Bees are facing a crisis. Perhaps as a result, we are seeing a dramatic growth in the interest of keeping Honey Bees as a hobby. More and more people are becoming beekeepers, so as to become more closely associated with these interesting insects, to benefit from their labors of pollination and honey production, and to reintroduce colonies to neighborhood gardens.


earn more about the remarkable Honey Bee…the colony’s amazing social structure, and the multitude of benefits that Honey Bees bring to our everyday lives.  Discover the secrets of what goes on within a colony of bees. Understand why the bees are vanishing, and what you can do to help reverse this grim situation.


Howland Blackiston has been keeping bees for decades, and is the first to admit that he loves his bees. All beekeepers develop a special bond with their bees. Come share Howland’s contagious enthusiasm for Honey Bees, and see why it’s so easy to “fall in love with a bug”.


Speaking Fee: $400 (plus travel expenses if applicable)

"Honey I Love You"

Presentation by Howland Blackiston (45-60 minutes)

Author, “Beekeeping for Dummies”, "Honey for Dummies", and “Building Beehives for Dummies”


Get in on the ground level of the next artisan food obsession―honey!

Honey is the latest food trend that can be found at farmers' markets, specialty food shops and on the menu of fine restaurants. It is produced by honey bees in every state and just about every country on the planet. Let Howland take you on this sweet adventure!

  • Discover the rich and complex world of single-origin honey

  • Learn about honey's composition and its myriad health benefits

  • Understand the skills needed to taste, evaluate and perfectly pair honeys with different foods

  • Go home with a sampling of some of the book's many wonderful recipes incorporating honey

Just like wine, cheese, beer or coffee, honey is an artisan food with much to be discovered. Whether you're interested in tasting the various varietals, using it as a cure, or harvesting your own, you will be fascinated to learn things about honey you never knew before.  This presentation reveals the deep and complex world of honey, its diverse floral sources, and its surprising range of colors, smells, and flavors. You will learn about ten honeys that belong on everyone's bucket list.  Discover the sensory characteristics of honeys you may never have heard of before -- where they are produced and where you can buy them. Understand how to taste and evaluate honey using the same methods as professional honey sensory experts. See how honey is produced by honeybees, and how beekeepers harvest and bottle this liquid gold. You'll also discover the historical role that honey has played around the world in folklore, religions, and even economies. From its health benefits, to recipes, to food pairings, this fun and entertaining presentation covers all things honey!

Speaking Fee: $400 (plus travel expenses if applicable)


Suggested Presentation: Children Ages 6 – 12 Years Old


“Mr. B and the Amazing Honey Bee”

Presentation by Howland Blackiston (30 minutes)
Author, “Beekeeping for Dummies” and “Building Beehives for Dummies”


This is an assembly/workshop program presented by Howland Blackiston (Mr. B). Howland is the author of the best-selling book, "Beekeeping for Dummies".  Howland uses a "participatory theater" technique to get students involved and literally on their feet, as they learn more about the bountiful honey bee by acting out many of the amazing things that bees do.  Using visual aids, props, music and role-playing, students learn about and act out the critical role of pollination, the many different jobs of the busy worker bees, the critical role played by her majesty the queen, and the sad fate of the lazy drone bees.  Howland's enthusiastic love of honey bees (and children) is contagious and inspiring. Classroom teachers and administrators are just as thrilled as the students as Howland reveals the "amazing secrets" of what goes on within a hive, and why honey bees are so critically important to all of us.


Speaking Fee: $400 per 30-minute session (plus travel expenses if applicable)

Suggested Presentation: For Beekeeping Clubs


A live interactive presentation modeled like a TV Game Show in which two contestants and the audience members compete for prizes as they learn a thing or two about bees and beekeeping from “host”, Howland Blackiston. Complete with music, sound effects, call-in buzzers and giant screen interactive game board.  Just like a real TV show!

Competing for prizes (prizes supplied by your bee club) are the two contestants (to be recruited in advance by your club). The contestants need not be beekeeping experts. In fact it’s sometimes better if they are new beekeepers.  This presentation is light-hearted and fun. It is not intended to test anyone’s skill or knowledge.  The questions are easy.  It's unique, fun and a load of memorable fun. Even the audience gets involved in the competition.  

Fee: $400 (Note your club will need to provide contestants and 2 or 3 assistants during the show)

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